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Choice? Not if it's up to Apple

This is exactly why I stay away from all things Apple:
(In short: Apple says 'njet" to Opera to release their browser for the iPhone and iPod Touch.)

The ever eloquent Dave Winer states:
'The biggest bug in the whole thing is the company that makes it.
The web was designed as an open system. That means the user has a choice of software he or she wants to use to browse the web. Even when it was at its peak of monopolism, Microsoft never went so far as to prohibit the installation of the competitive browser on Windows, they just bundled one with the OS.'

A word that is on everyone lips on the 4th of November election day, yet it's not a word that's part of the Apple vocabulary.
You have the choice to vote with your money - and that is why Apple will never have a single cent from mine.