Steffest Digitale Pulptuur

pvw - 04/05/2010 20:16:17

Gij zijt een genie jong!
Uw Moeder - 04/05/2010 23:09:17

Wil je met me trouwen?
Imke Dielen - 05/05/2010 11:27:01

Wil je ook met mij trouwen? Als in "Imke op even dagen" en "ik oneven dagen" ... ;)
bart stevens - 05/05/2010 14:14:37

Can't wait for Saturday.
Tijs - 05/05/2010 19:40:52

you are on italian
mari - 07/05/2010 13:17:30

Awesome! Can you post the .apk for the Android app?
Rob - 09/05/2010 22:18:01

did you already look at Qt? It could potentially save you a lot of effort rewriting!

Send me an email if you need help getting started!

All the best
Tam Hanna
Tam Hanna - 09/05/2010 23:08:37

- 10/05/2010 09:46:45

is that a touch pro?

what funcion does it have on your guatar thingy?

also any chance of a look at the c#source?
Caddy - 11/05/2010 03:15:45

@caddy - the Touch Pro is running Pocket Stompbox, providing the reverb, delay and overdrive for the voice. that's not written by me, it's from
Steffest - 11/05/2010 08:38:04

hideho stef, gave yer a mention here:
[uzine] - 11/05/2010 21:50:47

Holy hell, that's awesome!
Almigo - 03/06/2010 05:29:27

Lol, only a man with to much free time woud make things like this. Great to see there are people with to much time!
Nicky - 15/08/2010 00:40:09

Wow an amazing thingemagin! :D I play guitar, alot and i love this thing! :D
Mobiele telefoons - 27/09/2010 14:59:14

Wow, dat is wel de creatiefste gitaar die ik tot nu toe gezien heb. Ik ben ook wel benieuwd wat de apple en android fanboys er van zullen zeggen.
Ruben - 07/03/2011 11:30:30

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Cracklin Rosie on a Whole Lotta Mobile Phones

Who said iPhone OS, Android and Windows Mobile don't play well together?

Music apps are a really cool type of mobile application, they let you you unleash your musical creativity wherever you are and are perfect to jot down a quick idea or to jam along.
For years one of my favorite pastimes on the train was to do some retro musictracking with the brilliant Milkytracker, but this time I needed something more.
It turned out to be somewhat geeky, even for my standards :-)

 image image
The Phone Guitar is born out of a presentation I'm going to do next Saturday on MobileCampBrussels about mobile cross development.
To put my money where my mouth is, I decided to create the same mobile app - a small piano/drum sequencer thing -  on 3 mobile platforms: Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone OS.
As a developer I didn't quite succeed: audio latency is a b*tch and building the app from the same source proved to be possible but unusable, so I ended up writing it three times: in java for android, in C# for windows mobile and in Objective-C for iPhone. More on that later, but boy did I have fun playing with it :-)

To play them all at once I just taped them on a piece of wood together with a battery powered speaker.
Add lots of audio cables and TADAAA: a very playable guitar shaped instrument that makes a hell of a noise :-)

I added Pocket Stompbox, a virtual amp with lots of great real time effects and of course the FANTASTIC iShred app from Frontierdesign

In screenshots, the setup looks like this


Instant gratification! Rock on!!!