Steffest Digitale Pulptuur
Most of my web-developments efforts are "admin" tools: websites or applications designed to administer other websites or to streamline certain tasks.
This site, and my blog, for example are completely maintained using an online application in a mix of dynamically generated pages and static content.

These projects are never finished but keep evolving as new techniques, possibilities and requests arise.
The majority of the applications are written using asp / vbscript.


In short: it's all of the tools integrated in 1 big environment, targeted at schools and educational organisation for a complete e-learning platform.



One of the cornerstones of any CMS.
an easy to use HTML editor to edit the basic content-stones of a website or an e-package.


  • Full WYSYWYG HTML editor
  • based on the MS HTML control but with a range of "code-cleaners" to produce tight html.
  • gorgeous Dhtml user-interface with a "standard" and an "advanced" interface
  • integrated DOM-viewer
  • Source code of the edited page is accessible.


Based on the MS HTML control with a whole range of functional components added, both in the user interface (javascript) as in the backend (asp)
It integrates both in database environment as in a flat file environment.
There's also a version with a perl backend instead of asp.