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Twitter on a tiny LED display

As a small exercise in my progress towards to ultimate tweetshirt, I created an interface for a 8x8 LED matrix display.
It doesn't do much at this moment: a program runs on the PC, fetches your latest tweet and controls the USB attached LEDs to show it as scrolling text.

The hardware is from Byvac and is cheap and easy, but also a bit limited.
The software is by me and uses their IASI-2 protocol
The scrolling is in fact much smoother then appears in the video.
Maybe I'll rework the hardware interface to control a 4x4x4 LED cube.
I ordered an Arduino today, which will allow much more low level processing and control for these kind of things
a 8x8 RGB display seems a nice project to start with, hoping to scale up to a 16x16 grid if things are going well.

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